Sweet Tarts

Some more sweet little nothings from my sweet tart.

I usually choose lyrical videos when I play music from YouTube so that I do not have to worry about my daughter watching objectionable content. While listening to an old classic, I just wasn’t as careful. And of course, she watched the video closely.

Her: Mumma, see the guy is falling in love with the gal.

My husband and I exchange glances while she keeps watching. And then the woman in the video also thaws and shows her affection.

Her: Mumma, see now the gal is also falling in love with the guy!

She is five! I didn’t even know what the hell was falling in love when I was freaking 5 years old.


Her: Mumma, where did you meet Papa?

Me: At work.

Her: And he looked at you and thought that you are his perfect bride?

Me: (eyes rolled up to the back of my head) Yes!

Her: And you also thought that he is your perfect groom? And you married each other?

Me: YES!!


Her: Mumma do they ask the bride if she speaks English and then they give her an English speaking groom?

Me: No sweetheart, no one gives the bride a groom. A woman chooses who her groom would be and then goes and gets married to him.

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