When there are no voices

May this never be “a country without a post office”

May there be love galore

May one wrong act not lead to a cycle of mistrust and hatred and more
May the messages of love reach where they are meant to reach
An Eid message for the place that the world is watching
But a place that the world doesn’t hear, this day.

May peace prevail and the homes not be reduced
To “pictures on postcards” and fallen walls
Don’t ask me why I hurt
Don’t ask me why I cry
Don’t ask me if I have family holed up there
Coz the answer is “No, I don’t”
I cry for the loss of humanity
And for what we have become
We have all killed and been killed in the past
No amount of wrongs will make a right in the end

Let us see through the emotion
And pray for the place
That has no voice of its own this day.
For God forbid if we stand there one day,
We will need someone to pray for us that day
If we have no voices and are holed up inside our walls.

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