When the woods whistled at night

And all the monsters came for me

I sneaked up to Mom’s room

And her hand on my waist kept me safe.

When rains would lash

And the waters would rise

I’d look at Mom’s calm

And it kept me safe.

When I would be a bundle of nerves

On the night before (every) exam

She’d walk in and I’d be fine.

When I could not tell her what bothered me

Just putting my head in her lap

Got me peace.

When I fell sick

She nursed me back to health.

When I stayed awake with my daughter

She split the night with me.

And now we are all gone

Far away from her.

And she falls sick every day,

It’s more the heart than the body.

And when I see her she says

I don’t want to live anymore

I just want to go now

Seen everything, and done everything.

I don’t want to be sick anymore.

And I gently remind her

And ask her if she would have liked it

Had I said it when I was sick sick sick.

No she says.

And then smiles

And gets ready for another day.

That’s what moms are

The safe haven the heart craves

And they ask for a little in return.

And if you can be there

For that little word when they need it

They are safe.

Your safe haven’s safe.

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