Sweet Tarts

Some more sweet little nothings from my sweet tart.

I usually choose lyrical videos when I play music from YouTube so that I do not have to worry about my daughter watching objectionable content. While listening to an old classic, I just wasn’t as careful. And of course, she watched the video closely.

Her: Mumma, see the guy is falling in love with the gal.

My husband and I exchange glances while she keeps watching. And then the woman in the video also thaws and shows her affection.

Her: Mumma, see now the gal is also falling in love with the guy!

She is five! I didn’t even know what the hell was falling in love when I was freaking 5 years old.


Her: Mumma, where did you meet Papa?

Me: At work.

Her: And he looked at you and thought that you are his perfect bride?

Me: (eyes rolled up to the back of my head) Yes!

Her: And you also thought that he is your perfect groom? And you married each other?

Me: YES!!


Her: Mumma do they ask the bride if she speaks English and then they give her an English speaking groom?

Me: No sweetheart, no one gives the bride a groom. A woman chooses who her groom would be and then goes and gets married to him.

Never Occurred To Me!

Oh, I never said these things at 5. I didn’t have the head or heart for it.


– Her: Mumma, why is everyone’s blood red?

Me: because God made it that way (not getting into hemes and haemoglobin just yet)

Her: But, I want my blood to be a different color. I want it to be pink and blue as those are my favorite colors.


Her: Do we still miss people even though they are not dead but because they are in India?

Me: Yes, we do. But we don’t keep talking about dying. (She talks about it a lot, may be because the concept is still strange to her)

Her: (matter of fact look) But everyone has to die some day. We will all die one day.

Me: Yes, we all will.


Her: Can I hold this bottle for you? It is my way of saying that I love you.

Me: :O


Her: We made a lot of things in school today. A friend made a card that she thought wasn’t so beautiful. But I told her that it was very beautiful because I wanted to fill her heart. ❤


Her: Mumma, guess what!

Me: What?

Her: I now know that my kisses don’t heal the pimples on your face. They still stay and hurt.

Me: But your kisses still make me feel better 🙂


If not for you.

When I had you – my little girl

You have been hard work,

All day and all night.

But you brought back many things that I forgot or never touched

You splashed water and giggled

and that brought out smiles unbeleaguered

You soaked in rain with your father

and asked me, too, till I gave in

And let it soak my soul

We made the bed into a trampoline

We walked in the crunchy snow

We held out our tongues to taste the snowflakes

We walked around with the wind and snow in our faces

And we watched Paw Patrol while I lifted weights

We swam together and I let go of my fear

We rocked your toy babies to bed

We fought like siblings

And then got along like a house on fire

We painted together

We danced to kids bop together

We touched a frozen lake together

We sang together and played tag together

I started singing again

I started running again

We watched Peppa together

And worked on American accent together

All of this in 5 years or so

And there is more to come I am sure.


I would not taste life again

If not for you.